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訓練 機會-聯合之路

附加訓練 機會

免費 10 週課程!
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E3 SmartBuild 培訓中心是東海岸唯一的此類培訓中心,是一個最先進的實驗室,學生可以在這裡學習建築科學、能源效率和綠色建築。 E3 SmartBuild 培訓中心是長島聯合之路 (United Way of Long Island) 和紐約州能源研究與發展局 (NYSERDA) 之間的合作夥伴關係,是長島聯合之路 (United Way of Long Island) 用來為居民和當地綠色企業提供更多職業機會的工具建築和能源效率行業。通過這個實驗室,長島聯合之路為未來的勞動力提供了建立未來長島社區所需的技能,從而減少對環境的影響。

E3 SmartBuild 培訓中心提供的培訓計劃包括:

  • 風化

  • 綠色建築實踐

  • 可持續性

  • 認證課程

  • 能源相關培訓機會

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Spring Course Registration
Continuing Education

Au Pairs holding a J-1 Visa in the United States are required to complete at least six semester hours (or their equivalent) of academic credit at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution before completion of their initial au pair assignment. Long Island University, based in New York, is accredited by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education. LIU's School of Professional Studies offers Courses for Au Pairs throughout the year during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Courses are available either online or at our LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn campuses. We are a non-credit program and quote our courses in class hours. Generally, many Au Pair agencies count 12 hours of class time as equal to 1 credit. We recommend that au pairs confirm with their Local Child Care Coordinator or their Au Pair Agency how many credit hours they need to complete their educational requirement.

2/24/22! New York Life- Career Q & A

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